2021 RASA Conference

The VIII Annual Conference of the Russian American Science Association (RASA-USA) will be held on November 4-5, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. This year the conference is organized in cooperation with NorthWestern University and dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Vladimir Ipatieff – an outstanding Russian chemist and NWU professor.

The Conference was a great success – featuring excellent lectures, interesting discussions, many professional interactions, visit to Fermi Lab, media interviews and no less important friendly atmosphere and get together sessions. This year the Conference featured an Ipatieff Session, impressive invited talks (including those on social studies and humanities), participation of representative group of delegates from Kazakhstan, a very successful early career session) and an exciting economics-mathematics session that was held for the first time for such kind of a meeting.

Professor Alexander Kabanov of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was elected next President  jf RASA-USA. This was announced at the last day of the Chicago Conference by Valery Fokin, the current President of the Association. The President-elect will take over the leadership of the Association in about a year from now after the RASA-USA conference in 2018. We congratulate Alexander! (“Kabanov to Lead Russian-American Science Society”)

Herein we present some quotes from in press reports, news sites, blogs and other media:

“An annual conference of Russian-American Science Association (RASA-USA) took part in Chicago — Graduates of the Novosibirsk State University, working abroad presented their reports at the conference and also took part in discussions and meetings…” (“True Science” Novosibirsk State University) (in Russian)

“Las Sunday I spoke at RASA, an annual conference of Russian-speaking scientists^ working in America. “Russian-speaking” os a hard word but in reality it most precisely describes this large and diverse community…” (Konstantin Sonin “Gamow and Everything Else”, Live Journal) (in Russian)

“…The conference was opened by the President of RASA-USA Valery Fokin, followed by the hero of Russia, cosmonaut Alexandr Misurkin, who addressed the participants from the International Space Station…” (More by TASS) (in Russian)

“Scientists from Russia and United States — mostly those who work overseas already for many years go together in the Northwestern University in Chicago. But this is not about the brains drain. The scientists are confident that this concept is outdated. Today both countries have quite a few of joint projects…” (“Science without the borders: Scientists from Russia and United States held a conference in Chicago”, (in Russian)

Science without the borders: Scientists from Russia and United States held a conference in Chicago (Video) (in Russian)

“…The organization was excellent – no time was wasted, good food during break, precise following of the schedule. May very strong talks by leading experts in their scientific disciplines, directors of laboratories or leaders of whole scientific fields…” (Krill Pankratov, “RussiaSci Party in Chicago”, Live Journal) (in Russian)

“…This year the Annual RASA – USA conference takes place in Chicago and is dedicated to the 150-th anniversary of an outstanding Russian-American Chemist Vladimir Ipatieff…” (More by TASS) (in Russian)

“Three cities contend hosting the 2018 Conference of Russian-speaking scientists in United States…”  (More by TASS) (in Russian)

“Russian Ambassador to United States: Scientists established themself in the West may help developing Russian science…” (More by TASS) (in Russian)

“Russia 1: Vesti, broadcast of November 5, 2017 (Video, starting approx. 2:38)”

“Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has delivered a speech at the 8th Annual Conference of the Russian American Science Association (RASA-USA) in Chicago. The relations between the US and Russian scientists may serve to cement the base for the rapprochement of the two countries…” (Embassy of Russia in the USA / Посольство России в США Facebook · November 4, 2017)

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