How a scientist from Odessa saved the 20th century from plague and cholera. Essay on the biography and scientific activities of Vladimir Haffkine

The fifth essay in the “Creators” series is dedicated to Vladimir (Waldemar) Haffkine, the creator of the first effective vaccines against cholera and plague. At the end of the 19th century, Haffkine carried out the first mass vaccination in India. His laboratories have developed and produced tens of millions of doses of cholera and plague vaccines.

Man of the Earth. Essay on the biography and scientific activity of Selman Waksman

T-invariant, in collaboration with RASA and with support from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, is launching the “Creators” project. The project will publish a series of essays on immigrants from the Russian Empire who have made significant contributions to global science and technology. The first essay is dedicated to Selman Waksman, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of streptomycin.

George Kistiakowsky — the Unknown Father of the American Bomb

His ideal was a quiet university job, but life made him a «merchant of death.» George Kistiakowsky’s name does not appear in a history textbook. But it was his knowledge that helped turn the tide of the war and influenced the policies of one of the two superpowers. Though it wasn’t even his home country.

Kistiakowsky was one of the developers of the American atomic bomb. In fact, it was he who designed the trigger mechanism for the first nuclear explosion in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945.

George A. Gamow

In the world of physics, there are many notable names that have helped shaped theories and question discoveries all in the quest to better understand the world and the universe. One man that deserves attention is Russian cosmologist and theoretical physicist George Gamow.